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Like any town church, burials have not taken place in All Saints' churchyard for a very long time, but we still offer funeral services for those being buried in the town cemetery or cremated, and our clergy will officiate at funerals at the crematorium chapel, too.

When a loved one dies, we strongly recommend that you first approach your choice of funeral director and inform him or her that you would like the funeral to be held at All Saints' church, or to be conducted by the parish priest at the crematorium. We would provide a funeral as a matter of priority for those who lived in the parish of All Saints with St John, or who pass away here, and will do our best to extend hospitality to those from elsewhere, and especially other parts of Stamford who see All Saints as "their" church.

A funeral is an occasion marking the end of a person's earthly life and includes some elements of thanksgiving for their life, prayer for those left behind and commendation into the life eternal, unlike a memorial service which is mostly concerned with the memory of what a person has been and done while on earth. Two or three hymns are common at funeral services and you can also have a say in the music played before and after the service when the coffin is brought in and taken out of the church. There will be a scripture reading (which you may choose if you wish, or leave it to the priest) and sometimes people ask for other material to be read as well. The general principles of the way a funeral works are to be found on the Church of England website.

Sometimes families like to arrange for donations to favourite charities to be made in memory of the departed and, in common with many other churches, All Saints' is pleased to offer half of the collection taken in church to such a charity if the family would like us to do so. (If your family has a particular connection to All Saints' or to Christian ministry in general, you may like to consider All Saints' or some other Christian mission agency as a recipient of donations in memoriam.)

Because Friday is market day and there is extra traffic and fewer parking spaces we strongly recommend that funerals are not held on Fridays at All Saints'.