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All Saints' Church does not have the facilities to store archives, so only the current register is kept here in the safe. We register baptism, marriage and confirmation. The churchyard has been closed for burials for many years.

County Archives: Family History page

If you require an older register, which you will if researching your ancestors, then you will need to approach the Lincolnshire County Archive office in Lincoln, where all our older documents have been deposited and where they are carefully kept in the right conditions.

While in Lincoln it may be worth being in touch with the Lincolnshire Family History Society which has research premises near to the County Archive.

In many places the monuments in the churchyard can be valuable sources of information, but it is regrettable that very, very few of ours are now legible.

The National Archives

If you are just starting out, especially if you live outside the UK and are unfamiliar with systems here, The National Archives "Getting Started" page will help you get going in the right direction.